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簡名宏 - 英語教學 | 2016-03-11 | 人氣:343

Hi, my dear colleagues:

These are some sentences we say to people when we didn't get what they say. We would want them to say again to us or we want to let them know we didn't get it. What do we say?



1. Pardon me? 說了這句對方就會再說一次囉!
2. Come again. 再一次
3. Sorry, I didn’t catch you. 對不起,我沒聽懂你說得。
4. I can’t hear you very well. 我聽得不是很清楚。
5. What do you mean? 你指得是什麼?
6. Excuse me? 請再說一次
7. Could you repeat that? 能請你再說一次嗎?
8. Would you explain for me? 你可以為我解釋嗎?
9. What are you talking about? 你在說關於什麼?
10. Sorry, I didn’t get that. 抱歉,我不知道你在說什麼

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Have a nice weekend.