(This article is adopted from the guided manual from Luo- Yang Culture Foundation)

The only academy of classical learning exists in Yu- Lin County.

This academy is located in the intersection of Xing- Nong road and Wen- Cang road, and is next to Zhong- Shan elementary school. It was built in 1797 A.D.. In 1812 A.D., the people who love classical poetry suggested to build up a academy of classical learning. As a result, some people such as Cheng- He Liao denoted their money and this wish was carried out. On the top of this academy, there is a tablet written as The ancestor of Classical academy. Moreover, at that time, it attributed to the enthusiastic atmosphere of classical writing. So far, this academy has already existed for 200 years, so in 1985, the Executive Yuan lines it up to the most important culture property of Yun- Lin county.

The decoration of this academy 

We can enjoy the decoration of this academy with an eye on the cutting and paste, sculpture, painting, and penmanship.


With the shape of human, flowers and birds, it is made of colorful chips of china.  At the roof of it, the shape of statues is mainly about flowers and birds.



The front door of Chen Wen Sui Yuan  is under work.  The gods inside is moved to the next building.

This is Nan-Tan Education-Yuan nearby the Chen Wen Sui Yuan .


The Shing Well

 It is 200 yeas old. In the past, people get water with scoops.  This well is not dried until the 1991.  In order to keep it safe, iron net is added on its top.

the table of old calligrapher  

Remember to appreciating chirography when arriving here.  Chen Wen club donated the table in 1812.

Chen Wen Sui Yuan

]ZhiMing Pont^

Zheng- Wen academy has been existed almost for 200 years. The building is preserved pretty completely. This picture was token in 1985 and the government

included it as the third class historic monument.


The structure pattern of the academy

This academy has only tow layers. The combination of the classroom and the temple and the enclosing wall are the only structure existing before 1921. The main gate was built in 1985. The main- hall and the wing- room are made of the bricks. In 1921, it rebuilt to the structure of Chin-Sui bricks.

The sculpture can be divided as stone- caring, and the woodcarving. This is the sophisticated horizontal inscribed board in Zhen- Wen academy.

the leaning dragon table

Craved with dragon, it is a leaning rock, which is usually put in front of the door. It is used to profit the entrance of gods sedan chair.


The stony lion is under the roof and beside the pillars.
Stony drums  Put in front of the middle door, it act as one part of foundation of  pillars. 

the alcove to burn papers

It is said that the words are created by a god .  People burn any piece of paper with words to show their respect to writers.

the twin lion statue

 It is used to absorb the weight of side walls.

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