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蔡燿仰 - 教學組長 | 2015-11-02 | 人氣:476


The Emperor’s New Suit
An emperor likes to wear new clothes. One day, two men come
and say, “We can make magic clothes. Only smart people can
see them and feel them. “ The emperor asks them to make a new
suit for him. He will show it to his people in a parade.
A few days later, the emperor goes to see his new clothes
before the parade. “Here are your new clothes. Please try them
on, “ say the two men. The emperor looks in the mirror and sees
himself without anything on. “They are beautiful, “says the
emperor. He doesn’t want anyone to think he isn’t smart.
Lots of people wait to see the emperor’s new clothes. They
see the emperor walking down the street without anything on.
People still shout “Hurray!” for the emperor because no one wants
the others to think he isn’t smart.
“But the emperor has no clothes on at all,” shouts a boy. At
first, people are quiet. After a while, they start to laugh. The
emperor is very embarrassed. He knows the boy is right.