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簡名宏 - 英語教學 | 2014-12-18 | 人氣:313



Which Plastics Are Safe?



rule of thumb 

基本原則; 經驗法則; 行事法則


leach 溶出


recycle 回收


Which plastics are safe? 什麼樣的塑膠是安全的?


the rating system for plastics 塑膠分級的系統


A plastic is rated on a scale of one to seven. 塑膠的分級是從一到七。


What plastics are more or less toxic? 什麼塑膠多多少少是有毒的?


12:45 stay alive and 367 straight to heaven.


I never store water in plastic bottles. 我從不把水儲存在塑膠容器當中。


containers 容器


There is just too much of an opportunity for plastic to leach into the food or drink.




beverages   飲料