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《艱辛上學路》感天动地,每次看都掉眼泪!  新疆小朋友的上學路




上學路  菲律賓 On the Way to School 

逐夢上學路紀錄片的  英語預告片

Published on Feb 25, 2014

This touching, globe-trotting 走遍全世界的 documentary 紀錄片 travels from Kenya to Patagonia, Morocco and India to show the incredible無法置信的 physical 物理的、自然界的 obstacles 障礙 that some children must face every day simply只是 to get to the classroom on time.

In many parts of the world, getting to school is a challenge 挑戰 in itself, and this globetrotting documentary shows us what some young people must face面對 simply to make it to the classroom. In Kenya, Jackson and his sister cross 橫越 paths 路徑 with dangerous elephants; in Patagonia, Carlito and his little sister ride a horse over 18 kilometres each way through treacherous 危險、變化莫測的 terrain地帶、地域; in Morocco, Zahira and her friends trek 艱苦跋涉across mountains and even resort to 求助 hitchhiking 搭便車 to get to class on time; and in India, Samuel is pushed through swamplands 沼澤地 in a homemade 自製的 wheelchair 輪椅 by his younger brothers. Touching 感人的 and inspiring激勵人心的, On the Way to School celebrates 慶祝 the strength力量, determination決心 and courage勇氣 of these young students willing願意 to brave 勇敢面對 great obstacles in order to pursue追求 their education教育.