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簡名宏 - 英語教學 | 2015-06-12 | 人氣:227




I'm interested in ......


I'm into .........

cooking, singing, jogging, sport, drving, floriculture, computer 等等。



1. You like to buy food. You like to read recipes. You process food and want to make delicious food.

What are you into?

2. You visit the library frequently. You borrow many of them and take them home. By flipping through pieces and pieces of pages, you want to absorb knowledge and know about many things.

What are you into?

3. You don't want stay home for too long. Once for a while, you pack your luggage, you might take the public transportation, or drive your own car. When you are out there, you enjoy seeing nature and other stuff. You feel you are alive again?

What are you into?


Have a nice weekend.