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簡名宏 - 英語教學 | 2016-12-28 | 人氣:300

Good morning, guys:

Are you satisfied with you figure and appearance? How would you describe your own appearance? After watching the video, let’s learn how to describe!

Here is the video below:


I have an oval face 鵝蛋臉 / a square face 方臉/ a plain face 大眾臉

 heavy eyebrows 濃眉 / thin eyebrows 眉毛很淡 

long eye lashes 長睫毛

attractive eyes. 迷人的眼睛

a long straight nose 高鼻樑/ flat nose 塌鼻樑

pointed chin 尖下巴;double chin 雙下巴;

Wish you a Happy New Year J